Sunday, March 21, 2010

it begins

went to the house today. wanted to see what my bro got up to. here it is. i guess this means it's officially begun.

floors are up;(  but we decided to keep the 50's parque in g's playroom to paint it white. so i'm happy about that.                                            


so we have moved......... well, sorta. living at the parents/in-laws for the time being as we begin to reno our little bungalow into a family pad for me, case, g and finner. we went through minor renos last year at our townhouse. then we got the bug, and with the arrival of the babe decided we wanted more space in a place we could enjoy close to family and friends, boat and farmers market. so we shopped around, found a little guy that needed some tlc, did a little dance with the owners to get the right price and voila!