Monday, November 15, 2010

home stretch

we are getting there folks. casey moved all of our furniture into the house this weekend and we spent saturday night, a little tipsy on sake, unpacking and cleaning the kitchen! painters are painting every wall, ceiling, piece of trim, and nook and cranny a warm shade of white and will be done on friday. our electrician surprised us this morning and showed up a whole 3 days early! so, keep your fingers crossed for us as we hope to wake up in our new house monday morning.

so now for the added touches. we have picked up a few items here and there at local flea markets and have some art we have acquired over the past few years, but we want to keep the house open and clutter free. we have also decided to only buy those "wow that would be perfect!" pieces, so the house will remain pretty bare in the furniture department for the time being.

here are some cute things that have caught my eye!

Around the world (English / Anglais), Mercier Julie --- Click to close
map for gigi's playroom!


House Tour: Sara Hicks Malone
thanks to grandma sally we have the teepee!

House Tour: Sara Hicks Malone

House Tour: Sara Hicks Malone
i just found this pic and it totally looks like our kitchen so far. weird.



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