Friday, December 10, 2010

in the spirit of giving

so we have moved in and are starting to feel settled. there are still some things that need to be done, but those will come in time. we want to live in our house and feel it out for a bit. get to know it as it becomes our home. the one thing we did do, almost immediately, was buy our christmas tree.
georgia loves all the fun ornaments we have collected over the years. i have ornaments from the 70's, before my time;) ornaments i chose or made as a child, ornaments casey has added to the collection and so on. i love an eclectic tree! and in the spirit of christmas and giving we have made a conscience effort to cut back and pay it forward. i have organized for the teachers and students at my school to donate money to local families in need. we have raised $500 so far! as for gifts within the family we are keeping it simple. i really want to instill in g that great feeling of appreciation and respect for the things she does have.
i wonder if she will have a look of surpirse when she comes downstairs on christmas morning?? we have been practising it at bath time every night. so far she just stares at me. i have, however taught her how to say "mamma mia!" hand gestures and all.

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