Thursday, January 20, 2011

it got me.

this bone crusher of a flu got me. i spent the beginning of the week fighting this sucker with oil of oregano, vitamin c, hot lemon water, and a neti pot. i even tried cold fx!! at times i thought i had beaten the beast,  but for the past 48 hours i have been on my ass and evv-err-yyy muscle in my body aches. like muscles i truly did not know existed.  need i say more? so, tonight i am indulging in whisky. ewwwwwwww. how does don draper do this and why does it look and sound so darn delicious.

on the upside i pvr'ed an episode of david rocco's dolce vita weeks ago and lo and behold i must have set it up so that it tapes all episodes. i have been known to "just press buttons till it works" and it turns out it worked to my advantage cause i have been watching it back to back to back.

i think i am drunk i better go.

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