Sunday, February 6, 2011

new additions

 mirror for 5 duckets
of course i painted it cloud white and voila.
i am unsure if i would like it at the bottom of the stairs or in my bedroom beside the bed.

design: yours truly;)
construction: mr. yours truly!
casey found this old barn-board at work and we made it into a little mudroom coat hook.

I am posting a recipe as I have been slacking big timer.  it is a soup of left over veggies, my version of minestrone (i don't recco broccoli, cauliflower or potatoes as they just turn to slop) 

heat olive oil(i eyeball this but lets say 2-3 TBS)
brown some garlic and leeks
add diced carrots, celery, fennel
add italian herbs(oregano, basil, thyme)
salt and pepper
toss in the other veggies you want to use and let them cook together for about 10mins
add 1 box of veggie stock
add same amount of water
and my secret ingredient is the rind of a left of parmesan wedge 
let is all simmer for about 30min 

somethings you can add are chickpeas, barely or  brown rice 
i add nutritional yeast to my bowl for my complete protein!

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