Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just so you know...

so, i began this blog to keep track of the new home we are building for our family, but then i was thinking, what makes our home, home? i went through what our daily activities are at this point and although slightly repetitive and mundane and despite the fact that we currently are not living in our own space, we have begun to set a precedent for the environment we want georgia to grow up in, and for us to grow together in. i think my thoughts have stemmed from the fact that i am mere weeks away from re-entering the work world and leaving my little baby for the day - albeit a short day, it completely breaks my heart. but i digress, we can chat about this at a later date;) we feel very strongly about providing georgia with great experiences in travel and culture, but most importantly we want to create a space where she can learn from us how to be creative, unique, happy and inspired.  so i have decided this blog will be a place where i can share our home life and hopefully provide inspiration to those around me. It's rainy out so i think g and i may take it to the kitchen to bake - nutritiously and holistically of course! 

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