Sunday, April 18, 2010

'tis the season... buy local produce. well it could be the next great debate! i found this article titillating (i think that word is gross, but  it works non?).

and i wish this was my backyard and this was me bringing veggies into the house;)


  1. its all about the wording which is annoying, because you know people just see the word NATURAL and lose their mind thinking its organize, and not poop. Anyways, I think it is best to try and grow as much as you can in your yard. Ma and Pa have a big space, I should come by one day, get a wee garden going for you guys, it will be fun to do with Georgia. I would say Tomatoes, leaf lettuce, peas (they climb!) and maybe some cucumber. I find they all grow quite well. Do a ton of Tomatoes! Make sauce. San Martzano. LOOOONG POST. Is that Pear tree going or staying at the other pad?

    Also, check this out: