Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Lulu To the Point

this is what g and i are rockin' at the moment. let me tell you i am TERRIFIED of biking, but we got this seat for george and we just cruise around the neighborhood. guess i am overcoming my fears. i do have strict rules about where we go though....slowly but surely i will overcome you bicycle fear! slowly but surely.
anyways, i am mildly obsessed. we like to go in the evening. i think it is nostalgic for me. i sing songs and point out the roadkill and flowers as we zoom by. she sits with her feet up on the handle bars, ankles crossed.
Three Generations
originally i wanted this little contraption. hasn't happened yet....but ya never know!
Bornholm Family
would be so goooooood.

maybe my birthday wish will come true and we will bike through denmark and/or holland;)

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