Saturday, July 24, 2010

a lemon a day

case and i are going to cleanse together over the next month or so, but we are starting slow and easy so as not to upset our bodies;) so for this first week we will simply wake up and have a drink of warm water and lemon and be on our way. we will also be eliminating any sugars (limiting fruit as well, berries are good as they are low in sugars when it comes to fruits), dairy (ew), alcohol, anything in a box (again, ew), meat, fried foods, etc... shouldn't be too hard except for casey's love of beer and my chocolate problem. our meals will consist mainly of brown rice, steamed or raw veggies, miso and lots of water! again, not so tricky except for summer bbqs! argh. o well. it is much needed and i am so looking forward to it. we may even throw in a little dry skin brushing and ginger bath to boot! 

on another note i love this fireplace arrangement. and by arrangement i mean everything from placement to accessories. ha!

how i love white kitchens

this one i have kept under wraps until now. doing it!


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