Tuesday, July 13, 2010

get my goat

the newest addition to our fridge is goats milk. what is truly shocking is that my babe loves, loves, loves it and i merely told her to give it a go and if she was not a fan i wouldn't force it - god knows i cannot bare the taste so why should she suffer? although i prefer cheeses made with goats milk, and can even stand to eat the yogurt at times, i just cannot acquire a taste for the milk of a goat. bleh!  i have tried it and i actually feel guilty giving it to g but she loves it and it is easy on the digestive system and o so good for her. fatty and rich with vitamins for her growing body.
the reason why goats milk, or better yet sheeps milk, is best for us to drink (say no to dairy as it messes with the acid and alkaline state within our body, at times leeching calcium from our bones) is because it is closest to our milk and therefore easier to digest. it comes from an mammal closest in size to us and therefore the molecules in the milk are smaller than that of a cow and easy for us to deal with, plus it is usually organic and free of hormones so another added bonus there. i still choose almond or rice milk for myself and making it at home is best so it is free of things like sugar and carageenan, but kudos to my girlie for enjoying the nutrient rich goats milk!

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  1. and stay away from soy cause your boobs will turn into alien mutations. ;)