Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hightailin' it

i am still on a break from the house. we are even gettin' outta here for a week.

i start school 2 weeks today. barf. by school i mean work. i love my work and i like how i feel at the end of the day and i know once i get into the routine it will all be good, but i would be a liar to say i haven't shed a tear the past few days. g is growing up and someone new has to come into her life and hug her when she falls, rock her to sleep, make sure she gets all her veggies and fiber, see her smile and laugh at something i will miss, teach her new things!!

o man. it hurts the heart to be a mommy. i do know that our situation is great, i have lots of time off and short days and she doesn't have to go to daycare, but it don't matter my friends, it feels sad.

anyways, it is good for her. she will flourish so quickly over the next year and i still take time everyday to smell her head and kiss her neck and hold her and keep those smells and feelings safe in my memory. o goodness, enough of this i am crying all over the keyboard.
i will post our trip to this market. the pictures should be good, and i will take pics of our bike rides and sunsets and scrumptious farm fresh meals.

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