Thursday, August 5, 2010

on the outs

that's right i am on the outs with our house. we are taking a break, ol 37 and i. we need some time apart. they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. we shall see.
my poor dad. not sure how he is still standing on gods green earth. he drew me a pic of the trench that is in our basement at the moment. yep. a trench. there may have been a botch job, from way back when, on a cracked pipe that they thank goodness found now and not after all the work was done. we are a true example of the glorious surprises that come with reno-ing a house. i can't even begin to list the nightmares uncovered at 37 florence. so, no pics, no updates, no nada on the house for a bit.
i believe in my heart this break will be good and these disasters, once rectified, will make our house even more of our home in the end. i just have an end date in mind and it is not looking promising.
@#$%* trench.

on another note. friggin finally. this pic is a wee blurry but i must say it looks like g!!!
the family;)

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